MapWrite is a free Android application

with a

simplified mapping and navigation

system that uses Google Maps, your cellphones GPS, and a custom search system to help you

record, organize, share and search for saved locations


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Designed with the idea that you may not always have an internet connection where you go, and luckily your GPS does not need internet to function properly! Location sharing or saving has never been easier with this specially designed location recording interface. Parking your car in unfamiliar territory? Quickly save your coordinates to make getting back to your car a breeze! All application data is stored on your personal device so you never have to worry about your information being shared without your consent.

Curious how it works? Take a look at our Manual for basic usage.

Have any questions comments or concerns? Contact me.

MapWrite's Core Features:

  • Save current, copied ( to clipboard ) or map specified latitude and longitude without an internet connection.
  • Current location map pin rotates to show approximate direction.
  • Add 'tags' to saved locations to increase search-ability and organization.
  • Easily access approximate distance, direction and travel time to target locations of your choice.
  • Edit saved locations to add/remove 'tags'.
  • View current direction, with custom compass.
  • Easy to read navigation system offers compass with arrow pointing towards target location.
  • Easily share current, saved or map specified locations.
  • Switch between three travel speeds to better estimate travel time.
  • Toggle energy consumption, to conserve battery life.
  • Real-time compass icon so you can always view direction no matter the applications state.